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Gaosali Earrings

Gaosali Earrings

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Gaosali is a flower that is native to the island of Guam. It has strong symbolic meaning for the CHamoru people, through its living conditions and its utilizations. Its branches can be used for torches, and its stems can be used as wicks for candles.

What makes it especially unique is its living conditions. It can grow in a wide variety of soil types from enriched to rocky conditions, with the addition it thrives on cliff sides.

All these characteristics together are why the CHamoru people believe the Gaosali should be the new national flower of Guam, over the non-native Puti Tai Nobio (bougainvillea). 

It stands for the versatility and adaptability of our culture and us as a people. There had been attempts in legislation to make the change back in 2014. However, those attempts proved unfruitful due to the opposition feeling it wasn't worth their effort.


½” L x ½” W x 1/16” H - Studs

½” L x ½” W x 1/16” H - Dangles 


Made of Polymer Clay, UV Resin, Titanium / Gold Plated Metals for both dangles and studs


Please allow 3-5 Business Days for your order to process.

Care Instructions

Store Jewelry in a cool and dark place. To clean, use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to gently swipe over the polymer clay jewelry.

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